What Do Brides Want?

Unless you’ve got that Oprah bug, not the one that results in you making a billion dollars, but the one that has you living with Steadman forever without the need to tie the knot, than planning for your wedding is a journey that marks the beginning of your new life.
We at Arbat Banquet Hall, have seen many brides. During these pre-planning meetings before the big day, we see their ups and downs as they get closer to the day of their Holy Matrimony and celebration of their union. The starting point for all the planning starts with Google. Then it gets more real. After brides are done googling, they have to find the perfect dress and venue.

Wedding gowns can be a great opportunity to show the bride’s personality with creative and original ideas. We have seen a lot of classic brides at Arbat Banquet Hall and some unconventional brides, as well. It is their day and their choice. They might have been inspired by the choice of their favorite stars. Did you know that Elizabeth Taylormarried Richard Burton in a hot canary yellow gown with a wild floral headdress? Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferrer, in an Edwardian inspired gown with a nipped in waist, bell sleeves and a knee-length full skirt. Yoko Ono married John Lennon of the Beatles in a short mini skirt, knee high socks and large sunglasses.

Sparkles, sneakers, plunging necklines or knee-high socks; whatever you chose…good luck! We recognize that no matter what you wear, you are the star of the evening and need to be pampered and cared for.

“At Arbat, our brides have a private room to rest before their entrance to the hall. They do need that private and safe space before they step into the big hall, charged with anticipation and emotions of friends and family awaiting the couple,” says Hovig, the Manager of Arbat Banquet Hall. Every bride is different and so is every life that begins when two people celebrate their union.

Brides, now that you have picked the husband, the dress, what do you expect of the venue where you will celebrate your big day?

We are here to serve you,

Arbat Banquet Hall!