Arbat Banquet Hall’s delicious cuisines fit just about any party or event theme

arbat Banquet Hall

Arbat Banquet Hall’s delicious cuisine

Arbat Hall is pleased to offer you a broad choice of cuisines (see them below). Each chef on our team is a specialist, and an expert in preparing your cuisine to exacting gourmet restaurant standards. With advance notice, we can also fulfill your request for a different cuisine in most cases. Let us know your desires, and we’ll bring in an expert chef specializing in the cuisine of your choice.

Since the right ambience adds so much to any event, here’s another thought for you. For a more memorable cultural experience, add a band, singers or instrumental ensemble performing music matching the culture of the cuisine you’ve chosen. Wow! Just say the word and we’ll provide it for your event.

To take it a step further, you can also create a décor theme to add lots of fun to your event or celebration. Moroccan nights under the palm trees (we’ll bring the palm trees!), Indian décor with sitars playing, a Mexican fiesta with wait staff in colorful costumes and a strolling Mariachi trio… you name it!

Here are Arbat’s featured cuisines:

  • American   Whether you’re planning a formal dinner featuring New York steak and fresh-caught salmon, or an informal gathering with hot dogs and hamburgers, our American chef will prepare mouth-watering fare that you and your guests will really enjoy.
  • Russian   If you’re homesick for Russian cuisine or just want to treat your guests to something different and exciting, Arbat’s Russian chef will deliver the quality and sensational flavors you’d expect. In fact, you just might think you were dining in one of the top restaurants on the renowned Arbat Street in Moscow.
  • Glatt Kosher   Arbat Hall is pleased to present the finest meat Glatt Kosher cuisine for you, prepared by a master chef from Paris. All the traditional dishes you expect, plus offerings in French, Eastern European and Tunisian fare, are available for your event or celebration—all prepared to strict Glatt Kosher standards.
  • Italian   From traditional to regional dishes, let us know what strikes your fancy. We’ll prepare your favorites and your guests will think they magically arrived Italy just in time for dinner. It’s delicioso!
  • Indian   The popularity of Indian cuisine is on the rise, and if you try Arbat’s delicious selection you’ll know why. From “hot hot” to the milder dishes, all the variety you wish for is there for the asking. So just ask!
  • French   What could be more enticing than fine French cuisine in such a beautiful and romantic setting? We offer very nice house wines to pair with your selections, or you can specify the wines and champagnes you prefer. Your guests will enjoy the sophistication of fine French cuisine while you modestly accept the flood of compliments.
  • Moroccan   A growing favorite, Moroccan dishes are wonderfully flavorful and bring your guests a taste of exotic culture. Beef, lamb, vegetables and flat breads are all prepared for you using traditional recipes that bring a bit of North Africa to Southern California.
  • Mediterranean   Here is another favorite because of its healthful ingredients and flavorful creations. Various meats and vegetables combine to form delectable dishes you and your guests will seriously enjoy. Blending Provencal, Italian, Greek and North African influences, our Mediterranean specialties are delectable!
  • Mexican   Fiesta time! Let us know your favorite Mexican dishes and we’ll create a feast you and your guests will love. Fajitas with fresh vegetables, burritos, taco bars… and don’t forget the flan! If you like, we’ll also provide made-in-Mexico soft drinks and beers too. Our authentic home-style Mexican cuisine is irresistible!
  • Chinese   Choose your favorites from among traditional regional varieties including sweet and sour, spicy or mild dishes. (One of our favorites is beef and broccoli with hot pepper sauce. Yum!) Whatever your favorites may be, we’ll prepare them with the freshest ingredients and your guests will love them!
  • Use Your Favorite Caterer   If you have a favorite caterer, you are welcome to have him or her prepare your food and serve your guests right here at Arbat. We will just rent you the hall, and your caterer can bill you directly with no markup from Arbat. They will find that our large kitchen will meet all their needs, and Arbat will warmly accommodate them. Just let us know, and we can arrange for your caterer to visit Arbat. We’ll make it easy for you and your caterer.

And remember, if you don’t see your desired cuisine here, just let us know and we can most likely provide it. It will be our pleasure! Also… any cuisine you choose can be offered as a sit-down lunch or dinner, or as a buffet. If you’re not sure, just ask for your free event consultation and we’ll explain the options to help you decide which direction to take. That’s what we’re here for!

For more information, please call us between 10:00am and 8:00pm, 7 days a week, at 818.558.1358 .