With Arbat Catering, you can relax while we bring the party to you!

Arbat-banquet-hall-burbank-glendale-and-los-angeles120At Arbat, we have two ways to cater food and beverages for your event. Whether it’s to your house, office, or party in a reserved park, we’ll see that you and your guests enjoy the type and amount of delicious cuisine we’re famous for!

Or, if you are having an event or party at Arbat and wish to use your favorite caterer, we’ll be happy to rent you Arbat Hall and your caterer can use our kitchen for their food preparation. See below for more details!

Here are the two types of catering we can provide for your event at your location:

1)   Arbat can cater the food, beverages, dinnerware, utensils, napkins, tables and warmer trays to keep hot food hot. Plus we’ll provide the servers. In other words, just tell us where your party will be and which cuisine you’d like, and we’ll handle everything. No muss, no fuss. We’ll also arrange entertainment and special theme décor if you like. Just ask about all the possibilities!

2)   We can deliver the food and beverages, place them on your tables, and leave. You can provide the dinnerware or paper plates, and eating utensils, plus your own servers. If you require tables and warmer trays too, we can deliver those and pick them up later in most circumstances, such as delivery to a house or business where the tables can be stored overnight.

Either way, you’ll get loads of delicious food your guests will enjoy! And you can choose from the same cuisines we offer right here at Arbat Banquet Hall. Just click on the “Cuisines” button at the top of this page to see the list.

If you’d like to cater your next party or event, the next step is easy! Just call us between 10:00am and 8:00pm, 7 days a week, at 818.558.1358 and we will help you with all your catering requirements. We’ll make your job easy!

Use Your Favorite Caterer for events or parties at Arbat

If you have a favorite caterer, you are welcome to have him or her prepare your food and serve your guests right here at Arbat. We will just rent you the hall, and your caterer can bill you directly with no markup from Arbat. They will find that our large kitchen will meet all their needs, and Arbat will warmly accommodate them. Just let us know, and we can arrange for your caterer to visit Arbat and see everything. We’ll make it easy for you and your caterer. Call us at 818.558.1358 and we’ll make all the arrangements.